01 Maret 2014

English Speech

Pidato Bahasa Inggris
Judul : Star


Ok we are going talking about star. Star ?, in your mine what is the meaning of star ?. As i know star is a heaven object who can glow the light whit their self. Is it true ?, yes it’s true. But in my speech the meaning of star doesn’t like that.

We are talking about how we can be a star. Star for our self, for family, for this country, and other.

Sometimes we are tahingking about who will i be after passn from this school, go to university, go to work, or to be a loser, but that all exact to us, and i thing all of us have dreams. Do you have a dream ?, yes you must have a dream.

Sometimes  our friends or other people say that we are loser, badly, adn we are weak, but theat all can be a spirit counter for us. They cannot break us down, why ?, because we have a dream, and if you believe your self, you can make your dreams come true.

Dreams is one way from many way to be a star. Many people say that have dreams is easy, but make the dreams come true it’s very heard. But i thing thats all wrong, everything is easy if we want to try and try, and who doesn’t want to try they will got nothing.o

So how to be a star. Do you have an answer ?. My answer is be your self and believe your self, because to day you have be a star. If you have be a bright of star you can light your life, you can light your night, your way, and your direction, and everything you can light, and other people will never ever say that we are loser again.

Every people have intensity, and every intensity have debility, but don’t afraid to have debility, don’t care about that. Because you have believe your self, and if you believe your self, you can rock and cange your debility in to intensity, and don’t forget to say i’m not afraid have debility.

To be a star is a dreams everyone. Star is very hight on the sky, if one star fall down remember we still have a million, trillion, billion star again. It is same with your dreams, if you fell you cannot make your dreams come true, remember you still have many dreams.

So the inference to be a star, first you must have a dreams, second you must believe your self, third ypu must try and try, and the last don’t afraid and don’t give up to make your dreams come true.